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Medical Student Academic Support & Counseling

Peer Study Group

A peer study group can be an excellent way for a student to round out his or her study strategy. A well-organized and focused group allows for a multi-modal learning experience that can help solidify knowledge and increase comprehension of weaker areas.

It allows students to take on the roles of both teacher and learner while building interpersonal skills and collegiality.

The Office of Academic Support provides an outlet for students to find others who are interested in forming a study group.  Interested students can sign up on MedOneStop.

After signing up, students will be contacted by a staff person from the office of Academic Support to discuss the structure of the peer study group program and provide their MBTI for optimal matching of learning types among group members. Peer study groups size is typically 5-6 students.

Students are asked to make a commitment to the group for at least the length of the current academic block.

Groups are expected to meet at least one time weekly for two hours. A “convener” is appointed to ensure that the group creates a shared agenda for the meetings and stays on task. 
Group studying in classroom.

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