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Life does not stop when a student begins medical school. In fact, it gets more challenging in many ways.

While medical students are very gifted and resilient individuals, it is not uncommon for medical students to experience problems adjusting to medical school.

Stress, anxiety, academic problems, sadness, relationship strains and various other personal problems may arise. Many medical students need help at some point during medical school or become concerned about a friend who may need help.

If that is the case, students are strongly encouraged to talk with staff in the Office of Student Affairs and/or the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. Drs. Aurora Bennett (, Laura Malosh (, Mia Mallory ( and Chris Lewis ( are available to help.

Students can contact these individuals directly at any point to schedule an appointment. Information shared with staff and/or outside counselors is considered confidential and it does not become part of your academic record.

Oftentimes, one or a few conversations with these designated staff people is enough to help resolve the problem. If more intensive help is needed, referrals are provided. 

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